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South America: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil

North America: Texas, South Dakota, Georgia

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Argentina: Entre Rios

Known as the best wingshooting in Argentina, these wetlands offer incredible nesting grounds for native birds to have multiple hatches each year. Combining Duck, dove, perdiz and fishing, Entre Rios is by far the most desired place to start your groups Argentina duck hunt.  Located a short drive from Buenos Aires, you will shoot the day you arrive and shoot the day you leave, allowing you to make the most of your time in the field.  With access to over 4 lodges with the same company we can ensure both excellent service and outstanding Argentina wingshooting for you and your group.  Ask about combining your hunt with our new exclusive Golden Dorado package.  Fishing for Golden Dorado in South America has never been better.  With private concessions below the Salto Hydro Dam, Golden Dorado Fishing is a must for your spring and summer adventure.  Whether you fly-fish or spin cast, we will put you on some of the biggest record setting fish in the area.


Argentina: Cordoba

Branded as one of the highest volume dove shoots in the world, Cordoba is by far the best dove hunting you will find anywhere else.  Our lodges offer fantastic Argentina dishes, wonderful wines from around the Country and all the shells you can shoot.  Each lodge is equipped with an array of guns and gear to make your experience in the field a success.  Cordoba dove hunting continues year around, so make your plans around your schedule.


Argentina: La Pampa

Red deer (stag) were introduced to the area in the 1930’s and have thrived in Argentina’s southern states.  Big Game Hunting Argentina has become a popular destination to acquire huge free range red stag and other exotic game such as wildboar, puma and ostrich. Compliment your free range red stag along with a trip to the wingshooting field.  Known for ample amount of dove, pigeon and perdiz in the area, La Pampa has a lot to offer for wingshooting in Argentina.


Uruguay: Punta Del Este

Steadily becoming one of the hottest spots worldwide for beach combers and hunters alike.  Offering up gorgeous views of the ocean and gleaming nightlife, Punta del Este is the place for adventure.  Easily accessible from Argentina or a direct flight from the USA, and Europe.  Hunting includes, pigeon, perdiz and dove, with 5 star private estancias and excellent food.  Or take a trip to town for shopping and a more cultural experience at the local’s favorite hotspots.  Just be sure to return for more exciting hunting the following day!


Brazil: Amazon

Our newest addition this year is our Peacock Bass in the Amazon.  If you love to fish, you will not want to miss this trip of a lifetime.  With your own private boat, including a full bath, 2 beds, a/c and all the amenities, you will sleep well each night knowing that Huge Peacock Bass Fishing is just outside your door.  Our charter float plane will pick your group up from an over night stay in Manaus, Brazil, and drop you off directly at your camp.  The camp is a floatilla of pontoon boats that move up and down the rivers and tributaries ensuring that you always are in the best Peacock Bass fishing spots available.  You and your guide will set out each morning for a full day of fishing, as your lodging is navigated through the waters to you in the evening.  This gives each angler a full day of fishing and less travel time.




With thousands of acres spanning across the southern border, our private ranches offer fantastic hunting for an array of wild game.  Beautiful Texas trophy bucks are just one of several species offered in the area.  We offer early September Dove hunts, wild hog, turkey, bobwhite quail and trophy exotic big game, including ( blackbuck, fallow, axis and more).  Rich with history, South Texas is a wonderful area for any size group, and perfect for a father/son weekend. Our lodges are private and include everything you will need to enjoy your stay with us.


South Dakota:

Pheasant hunting in South Dakota is the best in North America.  With incredible rainfall in the last 5 years, wild pheasant hunting in South Dakota is at it’s peak each year.   Our packages allow wonderful wild pheasant hunting opening in early October thru early December.  Groups range from 4 to 10 hunters and provide excellent shooting for everyone.



Plantation style hunting was once a memory, but Del Norte Outfitters is offering it to you again.  Hunt off of horseback while you ride alongside the professional handlers and pointers under a stand of longleaf pine.  Wild quail rising in front of you as you approach the covey.  Delicious meals are prepared in the field, with several hammocks to indulge your nap afterwards.  Or tag along with one of the plantations oldest members, as he drives his team of mules along, telling stories that will grab everyone’s attention and laughter.


Big Game Hunts:

Del Norte Outfitters works closely with several lodges in North America offing some of the finest big game hunting available.  Black bear, elk and whitetail hunts are just a few species that we have available.  Our lodges are among the best in the area and pride themselves in great service, lodging, food and hunting.  For more details, please write or call direct.

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